Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lake Mildred Resident and TSLPOA Receive Awards

At its annual meeting to award and recognize individuals and organizations for their activities in protecting Oneida County's lakes and rivers from aquatic invasive species (AIS) and for outstanding lake stewardship the county recognized two from Newbold.

Two Sisters Lake Property Owners Association received recognition for their exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to Oneida County's water resources.  And nine-year old Ellery Werner received individual recognition for her contribution to the health of Lake Mildred.

Congratulations to Ellery and TSLPOA!

Nine-year-old Ellery Werner, middle, shows off her AIS Prevention/Lake Stewardship award that she received for alerting her parents to a suspicious weed floating in Mildred Lake. Her persistence in convincing her parents to follow through with identification and/or removal went far beyond the norm, and was an amazing act of conservation. Also pictured are Oneida County AIS Coordinator Michele Sadauskas, left, and AIS project assistant Angie Wenninger, right. Submitted photo