Saturday, May 28, 2011

Waterways Map Presented

Front row (l-r):  Paul Kuhn and Bill Jaeger (Two Sisters Lake), Connie Muckelberg (Lake Mildred/Clear Lake), Tim Thuemling (Tom Doyle Lake), J.R. Bartelt (Flannery/Velvet Lake).  Back row:  Jim Staskiewicz (Tom Doyle Lake), Dale Larson (Flannery/Velvet), and Jeff Ewald (Pickerel Lake).
A red letter day in the life of the Newbold Lakes Committee occurred Thursday evening, May 26 when the Newbold Lakes Committee presented its 2011 Waterways Map to the Newbold Town Board.

Four months the making, through the efforts of the five lakes association representatives and with the participation of over 20 local other organizations, including resorts, chambers of commerce, camps, restaurants, bait shops, and many other businesses, the waterways map details every lake and every road in the Town of Newbold.

5000 copies of the waterways map were not only created by the members, but will be distributed throughout the area educating recipients and promoting clean practices for our lakes.

Also highlighted are waterways that contain invasive species, both animal and plant.  "We are proud of our efforts and believe this will benefit the community and its lakes," said Connie Muckelberg, NLC (Newbold Lakes Committee) Vice-Chair.

Special mention goes to Island Bay Printing in Rhinelander for their efforts that go above and beyond what was expected.  Kathy and Stefani received each of the 3271 changes with professionalism and cheerfulness as they, too, wanted the map to be extraordinary in its appearance and accuracy.